Work At Home Moms

March 1, 2010

Im looking for my niche market this week I found the best website, wish I found it years ago   I am currently listening to an old podcast of Katie Yeakel from AWAI.  Maybe this will be my niche market.  Also I am going to work on blog design.  I will start with designing this blog and see what happens.  There are so many mothers out there making money using their own blogs and making money through advertising.  This is a great time to be alive and there are so many opportunites provided to us due to modern technology!


Finding My Niche Market

February 24, 2010

So this week I am going to identify my niche market.  For me I think it would be social science related in some manner because that seems to be what interests me/what I am good at.  I am in search of some blogs that involve my niche.  Now I just have to finally decide on a niche.

Hello world!

February 12, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!